Old Place House

It is interesting how artists make a home their own. In this post there are some pictures (of the now lost) murals in John Aldridge’s home. There is some debate over who painted them. It was likely John Aldridge assisted by his friend and maybe lover, Basil Taylor, who had worked for Sadlers Wells. The scale of the work seems to fit the camp work of Basil, and he was known to have painted murals for friends before this.

At the time of this mural’s painting Taylor was living with John and Lucie, trying to sober up outside of London and enjoying the country lifestyle. John and Basil were also collaborating with the New Zealand artist and animator Len Lye on a project called Quicksilver at this time too – a ballet based movie.

It seems that when Aldridge died in 1983 and his house sold, the room was repainted white. Owners that came after this have told my friends how they peeled away John’s ‘Bardfield Wallpaper’. Regardless, the house now has good owners who share John’s passion for plants and history.