Paul Nash at Avebury
How the stone circle at Avebury has a profound impact on Nash.
Lucie Rie & Hans Coper – Making Buttons
How a Austrian and a German ended up in London and what they did before dominating the studio pottery world
Edward Bawden – War Artist and Beyond
Looking at the art Bawden made in the war and how he would use those designs when illustrating books later.
Eric Ravilious – Designs for London Transport’s Green Line
A look at the various wood-engravings and the watercolours that followed after.
John Piper at Windsor Castle
Edward Bawden At Home: Life in Saffron Walden.
Looking at the last works Bawden made.
A Holiday in Happisburgh
Eric Ravilious and the Country Life Cookbook
A detailed look at the book and the inspirations.
The Back of Brick House, Great Bardfield
Keith Vaughan at Pagham Beach
A Brief History of Walter Hoyle by Inexpensive Progress
A History of his art and education.
Kenneth Rowntree – The War Years
Before and After Great Bardfield (Sold Out)
Marilyn Monroe – Life after death
Edward Bawden Documentary – 1980s Anglia Television.
John Piper – South Bank Show, 1983
John Brunsdon – The Printmaker
Rare copy of Alfred Wallis – Monitor show, 1959
La Joie De Vivre” (1934) Anthony Gross & Hector Hoppin
Remastered with better sound and some colour.
Cecil Beaton’s Royal Portrait