Before and After Great Bardfield
Paul Nash at Avebury
How the stone circle at Avebury has a profound impact on Nash.
Edward Bawden – Life In An English Village Discovered
A look at the King Penguin Book Bawden illustrated and the history of the designs behind it.
Eric Ravilious – Designs for London Transport’s Green Line
A look at the various wood-engravings and the watercolours that followed after.
Edward Bawden – War Artist and Beyond
Looking at the art Bawden made in the war and how he would use those designs when illustrating books later.
Keith Vaughan at Pagham Beach
Edward Bawden At Home: Life in Saffron Walden.
Looking at the last works Bawden made.
A Holiday in Happisburgh
Eric Ravilious and the Country Life Cookbook
A detailed look at the book and the inspirations.
The Back of Brick House, Great Bardfield
A Brief History of Walter Hoyle by Inexpensive Progress
A History of his art and education.
Kenneth Rowntree – The War Years
John Piper at Windsor Castle
Lucie Rie & Hans Coper – Making Buttons
How a Austrian and a German ended up in London and what they did before dominating the studio pottery world
Marilyn Monroe – Life after death
Edward Bawden Documentary – 1980s Anglia Television.
John Piper – South Bank Show, 1983
John Brunsdon – The Printmaker
Rare copy of Alfred Wallis – Monitor show, 1959
La Joie De Vivre” (1934) Anthony Gross & Hector Hoppin
Remastered with better sound and some colour.
Cecil Beaton’s Royal Portrait