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George Hammond Steel (1900–1960)
Paul Gladwyn (1956-1998)
Charlestown Fish Box
Joyce Collins née Pallot (1912-2004)
Riverside at Rowhedge
Carel Weight RA (1908-1997)
The Queen of Sheba
Robin Mackertich ARWA RBA NEAC (1921-1993)
The Gaze
Elsie Marian Henderson (1880-1967)
Temple of Poseidon, Paestum, Italy
Norman Clifford Jaques
The Blue Doorway
Robert Salmon (1939-2020)
Robert Salmon (1939-2020)
Fritz Stahlbaum
Geoffrey Hamilton Rhoades (1898-1980)
Bacchus and Ariadne
Geoffrey Hamilton Rhoades (1898-1980)
East Wittering
Peggy Rutherford (1899-1986)
Still Life
Kathleen McFarlane (1922 - 2018)
Colour Abstract
Vivienne Forster (1936-2014)
Sun and Moon II
Garrick Palmer b.1933
Blue Bail Loader
Geoff Bradford
Door to the Sea
Graham Clarke
Winch Shed
Susan Foord RWS
Abstract Landscape
Geoff Bradford
Berthed at Caen
Robert Mason b.1946
The Mask Laid Bare (A Triptych)
E Mary Lucas c.1938
Alfred Waldron (1912-45?)
The fashion passeth
Mary Fedden (1915-2012)
Michael Ogden
Cat & Boat
Lynton Lamb (1907-1977)
Slade Life Drawing
Robert Good
Roy Spencer (1918-2006)
Isabella Plantation, Richmond Park
Fred Uhlman (1901-1985)
The Tower of London
Hilary Noyes b.1944
Tom Robb (b.1933)
Kent Landscape
Edward Bawden
Trinity College, Oxon
Edwin La Dell (1914-1970)
Queens College – Silver Street
Christopher Cornford (1917–1993)
The Cambridge Observatory
Christopher Cornford (1917–1993)
La Belle
Christopher Cornford (1917–1993)
Pine Wood (Norway)
Christopher Cornford (1917–1993)
After Gwen Raverat, ‘Swans on a pond’
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