3 Novels

Three Novels by Ronald Firbank is a book published in 1950 in the UK and the next year in the USA. The three novels were: Vainglory, Inclinations and Caprice.

Firbank isn’t the most fashionable novelist today. He was however an interesting man. An aesthete, he was rich from a large inheritance and spent his time as a man of leisure, travelling around Europe, with a string of romances with men. He abused alcohol and cannabis leading to his early death at the age of 40 in Rome, 1924. His works were championed in the 1950s and every decade saw a different collection of works released. It is fitting that both the illustrators of 3 Novels were also homosexuals.

The UK edition featured a dust jacket by Keith Vaughan.

The American edition dust jacket was drawn by a young artist, credited as Andrew Warhol, better known as Andy.