St Marks, Biggin Hill

This is the original church that was in Biggin Hill. As the area grew in size the church needed to be extended and so they replaced it with a new one.

With limited funds, they decided to deconstruct a bomb damaged church in Peckham and move it brick by brick. The vicar Rev Vivian Symons got a lorry and worked to deconstruct the church. He soon gained a group of followers and volunteers.

The deconstruction took three years, with a series of 125,000 bricks, the timbers and stonework, they hired Giles Gilbert Scott to design something new, with the remit of their limited resources.

The old window frames were taken and re-carved to make details for the bell tower. The timbers were recycled as seen in the picture below.

Other than new fittings of chairs, they also commissioned a new altar painting from Roland Pym, who is best known for his pop up book on Cinderella.

At the base of the Reredos to the left is the old church, and to the right is the new.