McBean in Colour

In this post I thought I would look at something lesser known, the colour photographs of Angus McBean, from later in his life. Below is a wonderful example of him revisiting his past.

In his later life McBean worked for magazines in the 70s and 80s making similar images but with a more commercial angle.

I think if some of these photos are a little mundane it might be because of the art directors of the magazines rather than McBean himself, but he uses the clothes to be promoted and still makes them interesting. The most constant link in them all is the back-curtain, giving the images a theatrical look, while the poses are pure Gainsborough.

Angus McBean – Titania et Bottom pour Balmain, publié dans Vogue, mars 1984.

These later works of McBeans in colour are only a few steps away of a gaudy and fabulous onslaught of David LaChapelle who takes low culture items and places them into hyperreal scenarios.

David LaChapelle  – Rihanna, “Where Have You Been?,” 2007