Early Hockney

Most people have in their mind and idea of a David Hockney painting but I was surprised when I encountered his early work. Before his unique style came in he was imitating artists that had come before him with help from his tutors.

At Bradford College of Art he was taught perspective and painting by Derek Stafford and printmaking by Norman Stevens (1937-88). Other students at the college were Derek Boshier, Pauline Boty, Norman Stevens, David Oxtoby and John Loker. Hockney hitchhiked to London and toured the galleries absorbing new art and styles. In 1957 he got into the Royal College of Art and the rest is history.

David Hockney – Bolton Junction, Eccleshill, 1956

David Hockney – Bolton Junction, Eccleshill, 1956

David Hockney – Moorside Road, Fagley, 1956

David Hockney – The Village Street, Kirton, near Felixstowe, Suffolk, 1957

David Hockney – Tunwell Lane, 1957

David Hockney – Hen Run, Eccleshill, 1954

David Hockney – Landscape 1956-1957

David Hockney – Kirton, 1956/57